Marolyn Caldwell Geneva, NY

I can’t say enough good things about Jim Brennan. They are the ultimate professionals. They arrive early, they work long productive hours with no grumbling. They are neat, using drop cloths as they move around the house. They are thorough on trim, even painting in corners and under eves where needed coverage is often missed. They are fearless at heights only eagles dare to reach. And they are creative, willing to give opinions when they deem necessary. They have brought a beautiful smile to the face of our 1880’s Victorian, which looked pretty down-in-the-mouth when we bought it a year ago, paint peeling on every board. With a firm coat of primer as an undergarment, she is now ready to step out in style. The finishing touches will be added next spring, after rotten wood is replaced on the porch. She is already brightening up our street and our lives, and we love it! Thanks, Jim . You’re the greatest.
Marolyn Caldwell
Geneva, NY September 2013